Features of SBM Cone crusher(2)

Features of SBM Cone Crusher(2)

features of SBM cone crusher

features of SBM cone crusher

  • Large feeding hole. The two top-shell arms are protected against wear by robust liners of special alloy steel.
  • Mainshaft protected by replaceable sleeve and inner gearnut.
  • CLP crushing chamber design maintains feeding hole throughout the entire life of the liners.
  • Easy adjustment of gear backlash.
  • Robust design of the pinionshaft assembly. The bearings of pinionshaft are built as a single unit which can be removed without taking the crusher apart.
  • Its oil tank unit includes the filtration, cooling and heating, circulation pump, monitors for temperature and flow rate, and interlocks.


  1. Separation lubrication for the spider bearing.
  2. The oil tank unit automatically maintains oil flow to the various bearings. This system permits full lubrication even before the crusher itself is started since the pump is independent of the crusher. the oil is filtered and cooled automatically. The oil tank for the lubrication and Hydroset systems is a self-contained unit incorporating filters, heating and cooling equipment, pumps, temperature and flow rate monitors and electrical interlocks.
  3. The pinionshaft unit has separate lubrication.
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